Moving Out Of State: How To Co-Ordinate The Sale of Your Houston House

Moving Out Of State? Here’s A Problem Most People Don’t Consider…

moving out of state


Sally owned a house in Texas and was enjoying life here. But then she got an amazing job in Georgia (closer to family, too!) so she decided to move. Her job started right away, and she already had a place to live in Georgia, so she found herself in a challenging situation: what to do about her Houston house.

One option is to list her house with a real estate agent – which is perhaps the most well-known option that most people think of when it’s time to sell. The agent would bring buyers through, negotiate on her behalf, and hopefully get her a higher fair market price for her house.

This makes sense, it’s the most well-known option… but is it right for Sally or for others facing a similar situation?

  • You can’t be near the house so you either hope that everything is okay or you pay someone to drive by now and then to check on the house and make sure it hasn’t been vandalized.
  • The bills don’t stop – mortgage payments, utility bills, taxes, insurance – they all continue and must be paid, which basically doubles your living expenses while you’re out of state.
  • And you can’t be around to talk to the real estate agent – what if there needs to be a price adjustment? What if the agent says, “The buyer is interested but wants the dining room fan fixed”… how will you deal with that from another state?
  • Worse yet, you have no idea how long this will go on for… weeks or (probably more likely) months. If buyer financing falls through, we’ve even see sellers wait a year from the time they list to the time they FINALLY find a buyer who can buy.

It’s annoying enough to have to deal with this when you live in the house… now compound the problems by living elsewhere… not just across town or across the state but across the country. And if your situation is like Sally’s, you can’t just pick up and zoom back to Texas to sign papers or deal with questions or hassles because your new job doesn’t give you that kind of flexibility.

So, what other options do you have?

When Sally realized how stressful this was going to be to try and list her Houston home from across the country, she did something smart… something that more people should be doing. She called a house-buying company that specializes in buying Houston houses directly from the seller (rather than listing them).

That’s what we do here at Reg Buys Houses. We are the leading house-buying team in Houston and we specialize in buying Houston houses especially from sellers who are moving in a hurry and who don’t want to wait months or put up with the hassle of selling from a distance.

Sally called us, got a fair, fast cash offer, and sold her house to us in 7 days. She got cash for her house, walked away from it all (and didn’t even have to clean it up – which she was happy about because it’s just one less thing to worry about) and moved on to Georgia to start her new adventure. She’s happy there and glad that she doesn’t have to constantly worry about what’s happening to her house in Texas.

moving out of state selling houston house

Whether you’re thinking about moving across town, across the state, across the country, or even across the globe, you probably have something in common with Sally and with many of our clients – the last thing you want to do is endure a prolonged house-sale from a distance. It’s just too much work and too high of a cost for the gamble of maybe getting a slightly higher market price.

That’s where we can help. We’ll make you an offer to buy your house from you, we’ll pay you cash to close as fast as you want, which will help you move on to your new life without having to deal with the complicated real estate sale in Texas.

Give our team a call and get a fair cash offer today. (There’s no obligation so it’s helpful to know what we’ll pay before you decide whether you want to accept our offer or throw a for sale sign on your lawn and hope.)


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