Why My House Will Not Sell Fast In Houston?

Why My House Will Not Sell Fast In Houston? I Need to Sell Fast!

why my house will not sell fast in houston

I’ve had several sellers contact me after seeing We Buy Houses ads looking to sell fast, and their main reason for contacting me was because they just couldn’t sell their house for one reason or another. Here’s a few reasons why you’re asking yourself “Why my house will not sell fast in Houston?”, and what you can do to sell your house fast in the Houston area.

What You’re Doing Wrong and How to Fix it!

A lot of sellers ask themselves this question. They point the finger at their realtor who failed to sell their house, the market conditions, or the condition of their house. Well… a lot of those are plausible, but the one they overlook the most is themselves as the reason their house won’t sell fast or at all.

Our House Is Worth More!

“Why my house will not sell fast in Houston?  Jim across the street just sold his for $150,00!”  We all want more money for our house, right? We see our neighbors house sell for around $150,000 so why not ours too? Any “good” Realtor will be able to tell you what your house is worth in its current condition based on comparable sales in the area. You might think your house is worth as much as your neighbors, but theirs is a 4 bed 2 bath ranch with a finished basement, granite countertops, and a huge fenced in yard. On the other hand, yours is a 2 bed 1 bath on a tiny lot, even though it’s well taken care of, it will not compare to your neighbors house. Educate yourself, trust your realtor’s opinion of what your house is worth, and you’ll have better luck selling it. It’s hard to come to grips with the fact that you might have to sell your house for less than you thought, but ask yourself “What am I going to do if my house doesn’t sell fast… or at all?” Hopefully your answer is to call a We Buy Houses guy like myself, but in all seriousness take your situation into consideration and ask yourself “Can I afford 2 mortgage payments?” “What else could I be doing instead of sitting around hoping my house sells soon while my situation gets worse?” “How much stress can I take before I cave under the pressure and go nuts?” Make sure you have a plan in place to deal with all scenarios and you’ll sleep better at night, and even help you sell fast!

“But Mike, I owe more than the house is worth!” This will most likely be my next blog post, but there’s options available if you owe more than your house is worth depending on how much, if you’re behind on payments, and condition of your house. If you’re in foreclosure or just on the edge of defaulting, let me know or grab a realtor so you have several options to choose from to help you sell fast.

3 Ways to Sell Your House Fast In Grand Rapids:

  1. Get a Realtor: A good Realtor is worth their weight in Gold!
  2. Make Small Improvements to Your House: Paint, carpet, and landscaping go a long way! Repair what’s needed or sell AS-IS.
  3. We Buy Houses In Houston! Contact Reg Buys Houses: When all else fails, or if you want to just skip ahead without all the headaches of trying to sell your house, call us for a quick no obligation offer on your house! www.regbuyshouses.com | 281-783-9195 |


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